Why You Need Wedding Backup Plans

Do You Have Wedding Backup Plans?

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you may want to consider having a backup plan. As a wedding planner in Calgary, AB, the one thing out of my control is the weather! In this city it could be raining one minute, sunny the next and snowing after that. Do you have a Plan B?

Having a Weather Backup Plan for Outdoor weddings from Shannon Valente Weddings, Corrina Walker Photography

My advice? Hope for the best and prepare for the worst!

1. Location – If mother nature chooses to bless you with rain on your big day (it’s considered good luck) have an alternative location for your ceremony. Your reception area can be a great option for this. Ideally, your reception location can use the same chairs for both ceremony and reception. If the ceremony plan B and reception will be in the same area, ask the venue about a room divider to keep the reception reveal a surprise!

2. Communicate – Make sure your guests know that if it is raining they are to go to the plan B location. You don’t want to leave your guests in limbo and have them miss the ceremony? If possible, have someone stay at the original ceremony location to direct guests.

3. Time – Allow extra time for any back and forth that comes along with moving locations. If you choose to wait out a rain cloud you may also need extra time to….well, wait!  Or time to dry off the guests’ chairs so they don’t get wet. Make sure your timeline isn’t too tight so you will still have plenty of time for pictures, dinner, dancing, or whatever follows.

4 . Relax – No one can control the weather. Life is full of surprises (and this will surely NOT be the last one you and your new partner encounter), don’t let a little silly rain spoil your special day.

5 . Supplies – Bring supplies to combat the weather, waterproof makeup, towels, umbrellas for pictures (smooching under an umbrella in the rain makes for a great photo opp!) and for running to and from the car/limo.

There are a lot of things you can control on your wedding day, rain is not one of them. So don’t fret about things that are out of your control. By having a wedding backup plan you can roll with it and at the end of the day, rain or no rain, you will still be married to your perfect match.

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