Men’s Mountain Style

Posted by Sharon Auld

Men, if you are looking for some style inspiration for your next visit to the mountains, look no further than the iconic Canadian brand, Roots. It’s a fashion and lifestyle brand that first opened in Canada in August of 1973. It’s signature look is casual, athletic, outdoorsy, and it remains forever mountain chic.

The company regularly publishes “Look Books” that represent the current inspiration for the season. Not only will you find style inspiration in their latest Look Book – Journey to Jasper, but also some serious mountain eye candy, and I’m not referring to the models either! The latest book is chalk full of gorgeous shots from the summit of Whistler Mountain in Jasper National Park, Athabasca Glacier, Mount Edith Cavell and more! I personally make it a regular habit to check out the fantastic look books that are set in outdoor regions all across Canada.



The sweaters below aren’t actually from Roots (The bag and beard balm is. Did I mention Roots is known for their leather products?). I found, the sweater and vest at the Whistler Sweater Shop. They’re authentic Cowichan sweaters, and might I add, pretty awesome. I can remember living on the West Coast for a short time when I was younger and I always coveted these sweaters. They’re amazingly warm and cozy!

An authentic Cowichan Sweater is made by the Coast Salish people of the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC. You can read more about their fasinating history here.


A leather backpack like this ‘Omars Pack Tribe‘ bag is the perfect accompaniment for a day trip to Jasper or Banff. And if you’re a mountain man sporting a beard, don’t forget to pick up some Beard Balm. It’s so popular that the stores have trouble keeping it stock. But, if you’re lucky enough to snag some, you’ll be well groomed for your adventures!

There are Roots retail stores in Whistler and Banff, and in most major Canadian cities!

Photo Credits: collage 1 – Photo 1 – Roots Journey to Jasper Look Book and Small Banff Canada Tribe bag; Men’s scarf; Men’s Boot ; collage 2: Roots Journey to Jasper Look Book; collage 3: Cowichan Sweaters ; leather pack and Prairie Boys Supply Co. Beard Balm available at Roots.